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Here,in the heart of the picturesque Cotswolds, we are delighted to invite you to try our
Electric Quad Biking Ramble.

Our track is situated in a beautifully located farm which guarantees experience like no other. Our instructor will take you for a few miles ride around the farm, with twists, turns, humps, bumps and ditches, guaranteeing you will not get bored! Along the way you will get immersed in the wonderful, natural surroundings of Notgrove.

COVID-19 precautions: Each quad bike is cleaned after every use with an alcohol based antibacterial spray. Helmets, goggles and waterproofs are sterilised after every use. We have disposable gloves, face masks and hats to put under the helmet.

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how we do it
We aim to give you a mixture of countryside delight and an adrenaline rush that puts a big smile on your face!

We offer packages for individuals, families, Hen and Stag parties, Corporate days out, Birthdays and any special occasion, all suitable for adults and children.

We sell Gift Vouchers for any special occasion: Christmas, Birthdays, etc. Please see the Booking Page for further details.

where we do it
Our check-in and reception is located in ‘The Nuttery’ in Notgrove village which offers a wide variety of catering for you and your party. If you are traveling from further afield, there is a choice of excellent and intriguing accommodation available at ‘Notgrove Holidays’, located in the same village.

For .Adults

Quad Biking Adventures for Adults

Here is a unique opportunity to ride an eco-friendly and silent electric quad bike in the picturesque Cotswold farm.

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Adult Quad Biking Adventures


for .children

Quad Biking Adventures for Children

For children age 7-13 we have a fleet of smaller quads and a separate, suitable circuit. They are electric, silent, eco friendly, easy to operate and equipped with speed limiter.

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for .Families

Quad Biking Adventures for Families

We will take your family on an eco trail round the farm, which is suitable for adults and children. Our electric quads are silent, so they do not startle animals. The routes vary, depending on age, abilities and preferences of your children.

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Familiy Quad Biking Adventures


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