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What to expect.

We offer a real, earthy outdoor experience on a picturesque, working farm. Unlike theme parks, we do not have paved footpaths. When it rains, it is muddy, in dry weather it is dusty. While riding a quad bike, you will be exposed to elements. Please observe the weather, dress accordingly, set your mind to ‘outdoor/adventure’ mode and enjoy your encounter with nature.

Our adventures require physical exertion. Handling a quad bike over uneven terrain takes some effort and stamina. Please do not expect to be 'taken for a ride'.

Advisories on choosing the right adventure, dress code, etc. can be found below.

Please read carefully all the emails we will send you prior to your adventure. They contain important info about your session.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubts. The best way is to send us an email. We are a growing company, and we spend most of the time out on the farm with our guests. Therefore, we can only answer the phone for a few hours in the evenings. Answers to most of your questions can be find below.

To avoid disappointment and misunderstanding please make yourself familiar with our Terms & Conditions before booking.

I've never done this before. Will I be able to ride a Quad Bike?

Our electric bikes are very simple to operate. With the assistance of our experienced instructor most people will master it in minutes.

During the training and the initial part of the trek your instructor will assess the ability of all the participants and may adjust the pace and route or choose a different trek that better suits the group’s abilities.

Which package is best for my group of adults?

Quad Biking is an extreme motor sport but we made it suitable for everyone, by offering various levels of difficulty.
For adults:
The Taster – a one hour session with a trek around the farm. – EASY.
The Thrill – similar to the Taster but more difficult and longer. – AVERAGE.
The Endeavour – our most physically demanding trek around the estate. – HARD.
The Challenger – an arduous, technical course in a quarry for adrenaline seekers. – HARD.
The Endurance – 2.5 hours session combining the Endeavour and the Challenger. – EXTREME.

The most crucial factors you should consider are strength, fitness and dexterity of all participants.
If you are physically active, strong, engage in sport on regular bases (or did in the past), do manual work, you will love our 'hard' adventures: the 'Endeavour', the 'Challenger' or the 'Endurance'.
If your work confines you in an office behind the desk and you are struggling to find time for physical activities, you should choose the 'Thrill' or the 'Taster'.
For those who are not confident car drivers we recommend the 'Taster'.

It is important that you always consider your group’s least confident member, who’s ability will determine the route and the pace of the ride for the whole party.

Which adventure is suitable for my child?

If you are booking children and teenagers, we provide some guidelines based on our experience.

— Although the minimum age for the small quad is 8 years old, there may be some children who do not have the required strength or dexterity to control it. If the children are not physically active, our adventures may not be suitable for them.

— To ride an adult quad youngsters must be at least 1.5 meters (5ft) tall. However, please remember that some tall children may not have the physical strength or dexterity to handle the bike safely. In the past we have seen some 12 years old confidentially managing the quads. They were strong, fit and physically active. At the other end of the spectrum some exceptionally tall but slim children were unable to do so. Therefore, we recommend 15 years of age as the minimum.

— Quad Biking is a potentially dangerous motor sport and as such requires a certain level of strength from the rider. If your child, regardless of age or height, does not engage in sport or physical activities on regular bases, our adventures might not be suitable for them.

— Please consider this before booking: Would you feel comfortable putting your child in charge of a motorised vehicle and letting them ride across uneven terrain on an open track accessible for dog walkers, horse riders, cyclists etc.?

• All participants must be mentally and physically able to take part in the activity. During the training, the participant's ability to handle the bike safely will be assessed by the instructor.
• Once your session has started, and in the event that a group member is unable to handle the quad bike safely, we reserve the right to cancel the trek for that member. This is an extreme measure and would not be taken lightly. It s however, entirely at the discretion of the instructor and is relative to safety protocol. At this stage we are unable to offer a refund.

How do I know it's safe?

At the beginning of your session our instructor will provide a comprehensive safety briefing and make sure all the participants are able to operate the bike safely. This will be followed by a few carefully guided practice laps.

During your session you will be supervised by an instructor leading the trek, explaining how to tackle every obstacle and ready to help if needed. Every instructor is an experienced quad rider and also a fully trained first-aider who always carries a first aid-kit.

Your instructor will always tailor the route according to the strength and dexterity of the least confident rider in your group.

What should I wear?

We recommend sports clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Sensible shoes or boots are essential. No open toed-shoes, sandals or flip-flops. Shorts and t-shirt are fine in hot weather. You will be fitted with a helmet.

In cold weather we recommend multiple layers of warm clothes and boots. Wellington boots are suitable for riding a quad bike. A pair of warm gloves is absolutely essential.

Quad biking is an outdoor activity and we operate regardless of the weather. It is more fun in the mud! In wet conditions we can provide waterproof suits at small additional cost. We can accept payment by cash or card. You are welcome to bring your own waterproofs. Please be aware, you will get muddy! The ground stays muddy for several days after rain stops.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the package you choose and the number of participants. Please click the 'Book Here' button next to your adventure and select the number of participants. The figure shown is the price per person.

How do I pay?

The booking system on our website is an easy way is to book your ride. The process is simple and intuitive. We do not take payments over the phone.

Please click the ‘Book Here’ button, choose your package, date, time, number of participants, and follow the instructions. Read the information provided. This will ensure that you and we have all the necessary information to make the most out of your session.

To secure your time slot we require full payment on the day of booking. We cannot accept partial payments.

Can I cancel my booking?

We understand that ‘life happens’ and sometimes our guests need to cancel or reschedule. We are happy to alter or cancel your booking up to 5 days before your event and issue full refund.
If less than five days we can only offer a refund if we can resell your allocated time slot. Taking your group around on a quad bike on the day accounts to only about 15% of all the costs and work that goes into organising your event.

Is there toilet on site?

We do not have electricity or running water on the track site. Toilets and other facilities are available at the check-in at Notgrove Village Hub. It is however not available after 2.30pm.

What if it rains?

QuadQuest operates in the heart of a working farm and due to our British weather, it can be wet and very muddy. Quad biking is an outdoor activity, and it is even more fun in muddy and wet conditions. As such we operate even when it is raining. We can provide waterproofs for your protection. Embrace and enjoy the elements! "There is no such thing like bad weather, only wrong clothing."

However, we check the weather forecast every evening and if we consider it to be unsafe to ride, we will reluctantly cancel the event. In that case we will offer you the opportunity to rebook free of charge or request a refund.

Can I use my mobile phone?

The use of mobile phones or any other hand-held devices is strictly prohibited during the ride. The instructor can take photographs of your group during the session. They will be offered at small extra cost.

You can only take your own photographs during stops, if the instructor confirm it is safe to do so. It is however time consuming and is likely to shorten the trek.